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Data Recovery Services in the Bay Area

Data Recovery for Laptops, Mobile Phones, Tablets, and Flash Drives

The right data recovery services at the right time can be a lifesaver.

Whether you have accidentally deleted your company's secret sauce recipe from your computer, went through a water spill or other physical damage, or lost all of your business documents in a natural disaster, data recovery is necessary to help get back what matters most.

Quick Fix has years of experience in recovering data that many have considered lost. Recover deleted files using our data recovery software, and bring lost files and lost data back to life. This could also work with other storage devices used for data storage.

Hard drive data recovery service

The primary issue with hard drive data recovery is that the hard disk has to be there and intact for it to work. A hard drive can become inaccessible due to a water spill or a hard surface drop. The data may be irreversibly lost if the hard drive is not turned off and left to dry. Professional hard drive data recovery services can still help retrieve lost files even if it seems like all hope is lost.

Before you try other methods, contact Quick Fix first. We can instruct you what to do so that your chances to recover lost files and/or restore deleted files.

hard drive data recovery

iPhone data recovery services

The hard drive on your iPhone can become inaccessible, and we're here to help you recover it!

When the hard drive on your iOS device becomes inaccessible, Quick Fix can help. You will need to bring the device in for an analysis of the hard drive. In most cases, we can recover what is lost with water damage or other physical damage. Contact us today to discuss your data loss.ckfix can assist you. Whether it is on a laptop, mobile phone, or a tablet.

iPhone data recovery

Android data recovery

If you find your Android hard drive data is too hard to retrieve, don't think that there's no hope. You can use hard drive recovery software that will help to recover files after water damage or physical damage. One of the advantages of hard drive recovery software is how easy it is to download and install. This makes it possible for even inexperienced users to get hard drives recovered.

The hard drive recovery software will scan the hard drive and automatically detect data loss scenarios like hard drive failure, hard drive corruption, hard drive format, hard disk error message, etc.

If you prefer that a professional technician handles your Android data recovery, please schedule a repair appointment at Quick Fix shop.

How to recover data from a factory reset Android

A factory reset is often done by accident. The hard drive data recovery service can get your deleted content back for you. If the hard drive has been damaged by water, this could mean mounting the hard drive to an air-tight container and drying it out. Once dried, specialists will be able to access the hard drive to recover lost data.

Data recovery specialists are able to recover hard drive data even if the hard drive was not formatted or it has been corrupted; data recovery specialists are able to recover hard drive data even if it does not power on or no longer recognizes any form of a USB device.

USB flash drive data recovery service

It's possible for data to be lost on a USB flash drive, and Quick Fix specializes in data recovery. Quick Fix can recover data from a USB flash drive that has been subjected to water damage or physical damage. Quick Fix has a USB data recovery tool that will help to file recovery after a water spill or other accidents. Deleted files from USB flash drives can contain important personal or corporate information.  Recover deleted data from those USB drives with Quick Fix help and its USB data recovery software.

Secure data recovery

Quick Fix uses the latest tools and technology when it comes to data recovery, allowing for secure file retrieval from all types of storage media.

If you want help with your hard drive issues, Quick Fix can assist you. Whether it is on a laptop, mobile phone, or a tablet we can assist you with deleted or lost data.

Android data recovery
usb flash drive data recovery
secure data recovery


How can I recover my data for free?

If you're not sure whether your data can be recovered, we recommend that you give one of the free options a try. We utilize our own specialized data recovery software to look for lost files and even recover them.

Can deleted data be recovered?

It's possible to recover data if it gets accidentally formatted. If your information was lost as a result of a virus attack or deliberate deletion, though, retrieving it is not feasible.

Does data recovery really work?

It is important to know if data recovery really works. Data recovery can be used in a variety of situations, such as the following:

  • computer virus removal
  • a hard drive malfunctioning and a data format requirement

There might also be instances where an operating system was not installed properly and if this happens, then data recovery will help you get the necessary programs back. It is advisable for people to use data recovery services because they will ensure that all your data is retrieved without any damage.

Can you recover data from a formatted hard drive?

One of the most common problems for people is that they often delete files and then do not know what to do. If this is a problem you're facing, there are still some options available.

There are many programs that can scan the drive and recover the data. However, if your problem is that you have deleted all of your data and formatted your hard drive as well, there isn't usually a way to undo what was done.