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Mac Repair Services in the Bay Area

Mac Repair Service - Your One Stop Shop for All Mac Issues!

Do you need help with your Mac? Looking for Mac repair shop near you? Whether is it a MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, Mac Mini, or Mac Pro - our experts are here to help! At our Mac repair shop we offer professional Mac repair services and replacement services for any issue you might have.

Here are some typical Mac issues:

  • Mac battery replacement
  • Mac screen repair
  • Mac display replacement
  • Mac keyboard replacement
  • Mac hard drive replacement
  • Mac hard drive data recovery
  • Mac trackpad replacement
  • Mac water damage repair
  • Mac fan replacement
  • Mac software updates

Mac battery replacement

Mac battery replacements are a common problem, with over 50% of Mac owners encountering decreased battery life at some point in their ownership.

If you're experiencing this issue with your Mac laptop or desktop computer, trust our replacement service to get you running again quickly and professionally.

ipad battery replacement

Mac screen repair

Tired of the shattered screen on your mac? Let us take care of it for you!

We can do any make and model, as well as offer a free diagnostic to find out if other issues are going on with your device.

Our technicians specialize in anything from water damage to a broken MacBook screen, so don't hesitate coming to them for help with those too.

Mac display replacement

When your Mac display is on the fritz, you need someone who can help. We replace screens for MacBooks and iMac computers, all at affordable rates.

Give us a call today to see what we can do for you!

Mac keyboard replacement

Our Mac keyboard replacement service will help you restore your laptop computing experience.

You can trust that our team of experts has identified the best keyboards for all of your needs and will offer a solution to keep you up-and-running.

Mac hard drive replacement

From time to time, hard drives fail or become faulty. If you have an Apple computer and need a hard drive replacement service, look no further! We specialize in Macintosh hardware and offer competitive pricing on all of your Mac repairs as well as a customer satisfaction guarantee.

Mac trackpad replacement

Mac Trackpad Replacement Service is fast, convenient iPad repairs with the help of our skilled technicians.

Our low price point makes this service affordable for all Mac users!

Mac water damage repair

We offer Mac water damage repair service that is available to any Mac user who sustains moisture or liquid media damage.

If you spilled coffee over your Mac or you happened to walk in the rain with your laptop bag open, contact us today.

Mac fan replacement

One of the most common computer problems is a malfunctioning cooling fan. Not only does this make your Mac annoyingly loud, but it also reduces performance and speeds up wear and tear.

We replace the old with new fans for less, making our service perfect for those on a budget who still want to maintain their computer’s health!

Mac software updates

Macs have become central to our lives and an indispensable part of our daily routine. They require updates to keep running smoothly, without interruption or glitches.

This is where our Mac Software Update Service comes in! We'll provide comprehensive services for app enhancements and software. Just bring your Mac into our store and let us handle the rest. All for an affordable price. 

Mac models we repair and maintain

  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • iMac
  • Mac Mini
  • Mac Pro

What Our Customers Think

  • Quick Fix is awesome! Came in with a Dell laptop that had audio/speaker issues. They identified the problem with a free diagnostic examination and then repaired my laptop the next day! Thank you, Quick Fix! Highly recommend.

    Arman A Avatar Arman A
    January 21, 2022

    I've worked in high tech for decades, and I know good work when I see it. In the 90s, I built a computer from scratch, but it was easy then. I wouldn't try to fix my own computers now because they are so much more complicated, so that's why I was happy to find Oscar Juarez's Quick Fix. I have a lot of old computers that might still be useful. A few months ago, Oscar and his support engineers repaired an shaky Acer Chromebook for me, and just recently they have given my very old Dell XPS-13 a second life as a Linux laptop. It's given me a welcome alternative to Ubuntu on the wonky Windows Subsystem for Linux, and it's working great. Quick Fix does great work quickly and at a reasonable cost. I recommend this business highly, and will probably end up making use of their expertise again myself.

    Bee Hanson Avatar Bee Hanson
    June 1, 2021

    Great shop! Very knowledgeable, was able to figure my problem out in a few minutes and give me a replacement part for cheap. Did not even charge for labor, and replaced some other missing parts on my computer (all of the screws) for free. I highly recommend them!

    Stephen Wenceslao Evans Avatar Stephen Wenceslao Evans
    January 26, 2021
  • Oscar did the best job fixing my laptop! I would highly recommend this shop to anyone! From the drop off to the pick up and the communication between it was a very pleasant, easy and quick repair. If you ever need any electronics fixed, this is the place to go!

    Laura Smith Avatar Laura Smith
    June 1, 2022

    Best computer repair in Bay area! Nice, friendly, professional. Highly recommend!

    Anya V Avatar Anya V
    April 20, 2021

    Quick Fix with Rami and Oscar us a fantastic place. They saved me a lot of money and time, showed me a few tricks and life is so much easier and good again Thank you!

    Ingrid Mult Avatar Ingrid Mult
    September 21, 2021
  • Quick Fix is awesome! Came in with a Dell laptop that had audio/speaker issues. They identified the problem with a free diagnostic examination and then repaired my laptop the next day! Thank you, Quick Fix! Highly recommend.

    Armani Avatar Armani
    January 21, 2022

    These guys are amazing. I came in with a custom build and a very difficult interface issue between an old motherboard and a CPU that wouldn't cooperate. Jim took great care of the issue and went above and beyond to figure out what the root problem was and the complex steps required to fix the issue. Thank you, Jim! Will be going to these guys again when I need computer help.

    Will Derry Avatar Will Derry
    January 21, 2021

    My macbook battery died during finals week and I needed a new one ASAP. James replaced it within 2 hours on a days notice (way faster than it was going to take at Apple). Very nice too. My computer has been working great. Would come back here if needed!

    Brooke Avatar Brooke
    December 12, 2020
  • Thank you so much, Oscar! He is the best manager I have met. He checked my computer's microphone, and he fixed it very quickly. He did not charge me any fees. Today he saved me! Friendly and great service. I appreciate your understanding and helping me. I strongly recommend you guys you can have the best services in this place.

    Melisa Sever Avatar Melisa Sever
    August 20, 2021

    We have been using Quick Fix for our computer needs for years. They have always been courteous, knowledgeable and incredibly helpful for all our various needs. We would never use anyone else.

    Geri Spieler Avatar Geri Spieler
    December 5, 2022

    I had a minor laptop issue where the charger's tip broke off and was stuck in the charging port. As I didn't have the right tool to try to pull out, I sought out for a place via Google map, which had a very nice reviews. Just returned from the place where I went through the check-in upon which Jim took the laptop to figure out how to get it out. Well, less than 5 mins thereafter, Jim came as he was successful in getting it out. I was happy and wanted to pay as appropriate. He said it didn't take anything special and thus will not not charge anything. The positive/good comments of other reviews are true. I wouldn't hesitate to bring my IT products for repair here! Thanks Jim.

    Kwak Family Avatar Kwak Family
    September 4, 2021
  • Good service, very professional. Staff is very helpful and kind

    Yeimy Cifuentes Avatar Yeimy Cifuentes
    October 28, 2021

    Brilliant and nice. Found a quick solution for me within minutes and we were on our way. 5 stars!

    Danny Harris Avatar Danny Harris
    December 27, 2022

    Employee explained the problem, told me the cost of the long term repair and the easy fix. I went with the easy fix and the employee did it free of charge. 10/10 would recommend

    McKnight181 Avatar McKnight181
    February 16, 2021